Research Experience

1987 The Quality of Working Life (with D. Ancok)
Perception of Women Career (with D. Ancok and HP. Soetjipto)
1988 The Influence of Family, School, and Community on Adolescent Personality Development (with D. Ancok and HP. Soetjipto)
Male and Female Physical Attraction
1989 Adolescent Reproductive Health Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviour (with HP. Soetjipto)
1990 Sexual Attitudes and Behaviour among Balinese Adolescence
Predictors of Population Quality (with D. Ancok)
1992 Sexual Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour among Never Married Young Adults in Yogyakarta
Social Carrying Capacity Indicators (with E. Praksoso and A. Widaningrum)
1993 Social Problems of Senior High School Students in Yogyakarta (with Sugiyanto, Dicky Hastjarjo, Wisnu Martani & Purbo Hardjito)
Intergroup Prejudice and Hostility: An Indonesian Context
Poverty in Rural Java (with M. Molo)
Reaction to Equal Distributive Justice
1994 Police Image among Society Members (with D. Ancok)
The Consequences of Fertility Decline on Women’s Activities (with D. Benoit and E. Ediastuti)
Problem Solving Training (with Sugiyanto, Dicky Hastjarjo, Wisnu Martani & Purbo Hardjito
1995 Determinants of Relative Deprivation
1996 Antecedents of Fair Judgement of Payment of Labours
1997 The Impacts of Family Planning Use and Fertility on Family Welfare and Women’s Activities (with Agus Dwiyanto, Sukamdi, and Ken Suratiyah)
Surveys on Social Security (with Agus Dwiyanto and Irwan Abdullah)
1998 Surveys on The Impact of Economic Crisis
Study on Procedural and Distributive Justice
2000 Indonesian Family Life Survey
2001 Study on Evaluation on Child Development Support Project
2001 Study on School Accreditation
2002 High School Principal Competence
Social Psychological Treatments for Conflict Impacts
2003 Male and Female Genital Cutting
Study on School Organization Development
Envy Project
Unmet Need
2004 Population Baseline data, Bintuni Bay, Papua
2005 Urban Poverty Aleviation Evaluation
2006 Marriage Dynamic