1994 Participated in a workshop on Case Study Writing at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, October 3-21.
Presented a paper “Poverty in Rural Java”, Seminar on the 1992 National Socioeconomic Survey Data Analysis, held by Central Bureau of Statistic, Jakarta, February 21-22
Presented a paper “Poorer Household Characteristics in Yogyakarta” in a symposium on Population Development, held by Family Planning Board, Yogyakarta, April 26
Presented a paper “The Image of Police “ in a National Seminar on Police, held by Faculty of Law, Indonesian Islamic University, Yogyakarta, June 7
Presented a paper “Labour Treatment and Human Resources Development” in a National Congress held Indonesian Psychological Association, Surabaya, December 5
1995 Presented a paper “Current Issues of Population Problems “ in a National Seminar on World and Religion held by Department of Religion, Yogyakarta
Reviewed and presented critics on lauching book seminar “Psychology and Development ”held by Faculty of Psychology, Indonesia Islamic University, December 18
1996 Participated seminar on Optimizing the Giftedness, Asia–Pacific Conference on Giftedness, Yogyakarta
Presented a paper “Social Security and Home-Based Enterprises” Nijmegen, held by University of Nijmegen and University of Amsterdam, December 6-7
1997 Participated on the Fourth Asia-Pacific Social Sciences and Medicine Conference, Indonesia Social Sciences and Health Association, Yogyakarta, November.
1998 Presented a paper “Coping with the Crisis” in the Seminar of Indonesian Crisis and Reformation, University of Nijmegen, January.
2000 Presented a paper “Kiai’s Perception on Reproductive Health Issues” in the Seminar of Health Reproductive Policies in Islamic Countries, Australian National University, Canberra.
Presented a paper “Family Planning and Family Welfare” on The Fifth Asia-Pacific Social Sciences and Medicine Conference, Kandy, Srilanka.
2001 Presented a paper “Legitimized Leader” on the Seminar of Social Current Issues, Faculty of Psychology, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.
Presented a paper “Justice: Does it Matter?”, Monthly Seminar, Center for Population and Policy Studies, Gadjah Mada University.
Participated in the South-East Asian Workshop on Gender and Sexuality, Ford Foundation, Jakarta.
2002 Presented a paper “ Labour Migrants Neglected by Migration Theories”, Gadjah Mada University, April 30.
Presented a paper “Justice Model in a Rural Java Community”, International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology.
Presented a discussion “Study in Yogayakarta”, University of Boras, Sweden, November 25th.
2003 Presented a paper “Male Genital Cutting”, Asia-Pacific Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health, Bangkok, 5-11 October.
2004 Presented a paper “Exploring Indonesian Family Life Survey Data”, Asia Trends 2 – (Un)tying the Knot: Ideal and Reality in Asian Marriage, Singapore, August 27-28.
2005 Presented a paper “Rice Cycle”, Neys Van Hoogstraten Foundation and Vietnam National Institute of Nutrition, Hanoi, Vietnam, May 1-6.
2006 Presented a paper Off Marriage DynamicAsian Research Institute, National University of Singapore, December.
2007 Presented a paper Unity in Diversity Models, Indonesian Psychology Association Conference, Bali, April
2008 Presented a paper “Marital Status & Poverty”, ICRS GMU & NUS Singapoore
2009 Presented a paper “Plurality in Indonesia”, Inha University, Incheon, Korea,
2009 Asia Association of Social Psychology Conference, New Delhi, India, Lecture: Managing Unity in Diversity
2010 Indonesia Psychological Association Conference, Solo, Presented 2 papers on Trust Study
2010 International Seminar of Early Childhood in Multicultural Perspectives, Presented a paper titled Optimizing Early Child Development within Inclusion
2010 The First International Conference of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology, Speaker, Roundtable entitled Advances in Indigenous Theorizing in Psychology